Guitar Lessons Arlington TX


1. Private Lesson Format:

a) Private lessons meet one-on-one in either face-to-face or online (Skype) setting. Lessons are weekly 30 min or 60 min sessions.

2. Cost of Lessons and Payment:

a) Lesson fees are treated as a membership my Private Lesson Format. With this membership, the student receives access to Private Lessons, exclusive backing tracks, customized lesson content, and support and motivation.

b) Memberships are billed as follows:

Weekly 30 min lessons

$50 per lesson (Pay As You Go Rate) **

$130 every 4 weeks ($32.50 per lesson)

$247 every 8 weeks ($30.88 per lesson)

$350 every 12 weeks ($29.17 per lesson)

$624 every 24 weeks ($26.00 per lesson)

$1,248 every 52 weeks ($24.00 per lesson)

Weekly 60 min lessons

$100 per lesson (Pay As You Go Rate) **

$260 every 4 weeks ($65.00 per lesson)

$482 every 8 weeks ($60.25 per lesson)

$700 every 12 weeks ($58.33 per lesson)

$1,248 every 24 weeks ($52.00 per lesson)

$2,496 every 52 weeks ($48.00 per lesson)

 c) Credit/Debit cards or Paypal are the only accepted methods of payment.

**Payments are reoccurring subscriptions that will renew automatically for your chosen payment plan. In the event that you should wish to discontinue lessons, it is UP TO YOU to cancel the automatic debit. See section 4 of this policy. If you choose to Pay As You Go, cash, check, or credit card is acceptable**

d) Absolutely no lessons will be given without prepayment.


Failure to comply in prompt payment will result in a delay of lessons, and therefore, student progress.

3. Lesson Scheduling Make Up Lessons, Cancellations, Studio Closures

a) All private lessons are on a FIXED SCHEDULE.

Fixed lesson scheduling means that you choose a day and time slot & then that slot until you decide otherwise. So for instance, if you choose “Thursday’s at 6:30pm” that means you have a lesson every Thursday at 6:30pm.

b) If you have to cancel a lesson, I require notification. I don’t care if it’s 5 days or 5 minutes before your lesson, just let me know. I understand that sometimes things can happen at the last minute, so please call/email/text as soon as you know that you won’t be making the lesson.

If you give proper notice, I’ll look at my schedule and IF I have an opening that works for you FOR THAT WEEK, then we can reschedule. If I do not have an opening or if what I have open does not work for you, then you will receive a video/audio lesson via email instead.

If you no call/no show, you get NOTHING. No lesson. No rescheduling. No emailed video/audio lesson….and…I will most definitely be mad at you. PLEASE don’t do that to me! I really hate being mad at people!

c) In the unlikely event that I have to cancel a lesson on short notice, I will attempt to reschedule for the same week. If we can’t work it out, a video lesson will be issued.

d) Lessons start and end at the specified time slots. If you come 20 minutes late to a 30 min lesson, you will get a 10 min lesson (30 min lesson -20 min late = 10 minute lesson).

4. Discontinuing Lessons & Refund Policy

a) I reserve the right to discontinue lessons for any of the following, but not limited to, reasons: extensive absences/cancellations, tardiness, lack of practicing, bad attitude, or improper conduct.

b) If I decide to fire you as a student, any paid membership fees (including bulk payments) are NON REFUNDABLE.

c) If you should decide to terminate lessons, for any reason, all paid membership fees (including bulk payments) are NON REFUNDABLE.

d) If you are planning to cancel lessons, please tell me BEFORE you change any billing. I really hate finding out that a student is leaving or taking a break through PayPal. So, please, just do be a solid and give me a head’s up before you cancel a the auto-pay.

5. Student Conduct & Responsibilities

a) Students are expected to conduct themselves with the utmost respect towards teachers, students, and parents of students.

b) Students are required to practice as instructed a MINIMUM of 15 minutes per day 5 days a week.

c) Students are responsible for organizing their learning materials. If you need copies of anything, let me know and I will email you a copy.

d) Students are responsible for bringing all relative items to their lesson which includes: guitar, picks, strap or foot stool (if necessary), and all materials that I’ve given you to work on.

e) If you are waiting for your lesson to start and there is another lesson taking place, please refrain from playing your guitar, tuning your guitar, talking on the phone or to each other.

f) Parents of students are more than welcome to sit in on the lesson. Free Wi-Fi is provided and I have some books and magazines to read while your child’s lesson is taking place. Please refrain from interrupting our lesson either by talking to your child while the lesson is happening or talking on the phone. If you need to make a phone call, please step outside.

g) There is a ZERO TOLERANCE policy of disrespect of any teacher, student, parent, or any other person who may be in the studio at any given time. If you are caught disrespecting anyone while you are in my studio, you will be fired as a student immediately with no refunds.

6. Copyrighted Materials

 a) All lesson content received, unless otherwise noted, are under copyright protection of the JRC Music & Audio, INC. DO NOT SHARE any lesson materials with ANYONE. Distributing copyrighted materials without consent will result in immediate termination of lessons without refund and possible legal action.

7. Media Ownership Rights

 a) JRC Music & Audio, INC reserves ownership and the rights to any and all video and audio recordings used in the programs and these materials are only shared with the student as added value materials. No redistribution or copying of recorded materials is permitted without expressed permission.

8. Consent to use name/photo/video in advertising

 a) I like to use student testimonials in my advertising. I will never force you to do a testimonial and I would never use your image/name without giving you a heads up first…but…In the event that I ask you to do a testimonial for me, by agreeing to this document, you are agreeing that it is OK for me to use a picture or video of you or your child in my advertising.

If you do not wish for me to do so, that is OK too. You can still become a student and never do a testimonial. If I ever ask you to do a testimonial, just tell me you’re NOT comfortable with your name or face being used and we just won’t do one. I have this section in here just so you know that it’s possible that if I ask you to do a testimonial, and you want to do one, that we have a signed waiver already in place.

9. Communication

 a) Email is the primary form of communication. It is the responsibility of the student, and parents of younger students, to regularly check the email account that was provided to us. All important information, including studio closures, payment reminders, and lesson delivery will be sent via email.

10. Liability

  a) JRC Music & Audio INC will not be held responsible to any lost, stolen, or damaged items or from any injury that may occur while on studio property.

11. Use of Bathroom

 a) Due to insurance and liability reasons, I have to keep the teaching area separate from my personal living quarters. The only bathrooms on premise are located in my personal living quarters. Because of this, use of the bathroom is not permitted unless it is an absolute EXTREME and URGENT emergency. Please use the bathroom before you leave your house.

12. Changes to Student Agreement/Lesson Policy

 a) JRC Music & Audio, INC reserves the right to make changes to this policy